LAN インフラストラクチャのテストおよびトラブルシューティングを考慮した OTDR の選択方法|
LAN インフラストラクチャのテストおよびトラブルシューティングを考慮した OTDR の選択方法

The health of your network depends on the quality of your network infrastructure — maintaining a reliable fiber plant is essential in protecting your business-critical applications.OTDRs are the tools of choice for maintaining and troubleshooting fiber LAN infrastructure – however choosing the right OTDR for your application can be challenging.

This whitepaper "Ensuring the Health of Tomorrow's Fiber LANs" introduces you to key OTDR specifications, tells you which specifications and performance factors are most important, provides insight on how to differentiate between manufacturers' specifications and then lists out the criteria you can use to choose the best OTDR for your application.

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