OMNIScanner™-Copper Testing-Knowledge Base



OMNIScanner の Adapter Usage(アダプター利用)
カテゴリー 5e またはカテゴリー 6 テストに ACR および PSACR を追加する方法
Batteries - OMNIScanner
Creating Custom Cables in the OMNIScanner
Deleting Autotest results from the OMNIScanner
Deleting Custom Projects from the OMNIScanner
Diagnosing NEXT Failures with the OMNIScanner
Diagnosing Return Loss failures with the OMNIScanner
Editing Circuit ID's in the OMNIScanner
Error message - Both circuit ID fields must be completed and use the same format
Error message - Cable adapter and test must be of the same type
Error message - Measurement system not initialized
Error message - The attached adapter is an unknown type
Frequency Points - OMNIScanner
How do I set the Omniscanner to test Category 3
Importing results from a Certifiber into LinkWare
Internal memory - OMNIScanner
Memory capability of OMNIScanner 2
Noise testing with the OMNIScanner
OMNIRemote will not reflash/upgrade
OMNIScanner is reporting COS GPF Record Info error
OMNIScanner is showing "COS Task 0001 error"
Reference measurement with the OMNIScanner(2)
Return Loss shows " i " for the result
Serial Cable for OMNIScanner
Software version and Serial Number in the OMNIScanner
Testing Cisco LRE (Long reach Ethernet) with the OMNIScanner
Testing Class F (Category 7) Systems
Understanding Wire Map results on the OMNIScanner
When was the last time my OMNIScanner was factory calibrated?
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