OptiFiber HDR and OptiFiber Pro Model Comparison

OptiFiber Pro HDR is Designed for Enterprise, Datacenter, Outside Plant and PON Fiber

現在 OTDR が必要とされる環境:

  • FTTx
  • エンタープライズ
  • OSP
  • PON

光ファイバーのトラブルシューティングで使用される OTDR の多くは、通信事業者向けに設計されており、使いにくい複雑な機能を備えています。OptiFiber Pro OTDR ファミリーは、企業環境および OSP 環境で働く企業ネットワーク・エンジニアとケーブル敷設業者を考慮し、多くの機能と有用性を備えた初めての OTDR です。

Overview of the OptiFiber Pro HDR Module

The OptiFiber® Pro HDR (High Dynamic Range) Optical Time Domain Reflectometer (OTDR) module attaches to a Versiv and Versiv™ 2 main unit to make a rugged, hand-held tester that lets you locate, identify, and measure reflective and loss events on singlemode fibers in outside plant (OSP) and premises installations. The HDR OTDR test results includes the location and performance of unpowered (passive) splitters used in PON (passive optical network) installations. A typical maximum test range is 260 km for a link with no splitters. The modules include these features:

  • Automatic analysis of OTDR traces and events helps you identify and locate faults on singlemode fiber.
  • Shows OTDR results as an intuitive map of events, a table of events, and an OTDR trace. PON OTDR test results include the locations and split ratios of optical splitters.
  • Automatic bi-directional averaging gives you more accurate loss measurements than measurements made in one direction.  OptiFiber HDR is capable of calculating bi-directional averages on-board so you can measure the loss of events more accurately in the field without having to work through software on a PC.
  • “Document Only” test limit is available if PASS/FAIL results are not necessary.
  • SmartLoop™ OTDR 技術により、1 回の操作で 2 本の光ファイバー・テストが行えるため、双方向テストを実施するためにリンク遠端まで移動する必要がなくなります。

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