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Gearing Up for Single-Pair Ethernet in the Enterprise

Maybe you’ve been hearing some buzz recently surrounding single-pair Ethernet and a couple of new standards in development to support 10 Mb/s Ethernet. If you’re thinking that 10 Mb/s seems like old school, you’re probably not alone. After all, 10BASE-T has been around since the 1990s and is rarely even used as a signaling rate in today’s LANs. But this latest 10 Mb/s application is something different, and it has countless opportunities for a wide range of low-speed, low-bandwidth IoT devices – all over a single pair.


Why an MPO Inspection Camera? | An Interview with the Product Manager

This week, Fluke Networks announced the FI-3000 Fiber Inspector Pro, designed for inspecting the end faces of Multiple Push-On (MPO) fiber connectors.  We sat down with Carolyn Carter, the Senior Product Manager for Certification Tools to get the inside story on this new product.


Why an MPO Inspection Camera?


Singlemode Fiber is On Rise. Are You Ready?

Many of you are likely seeing an increased use of singlemode fiber among your customers due to several benefits (primarily distance and bandwidth), connection to carrier networks and emerging singlemode applications in development.


Copper Keeping Pace with the Trace

When it comes to Tier 2 fiber testing, there are many smart people in our industry who can read an OTDR trace and pinpoint the type and location of a fault within the cable. And for those who might not be proficient in reading a trace, Fluke Networks’ OptiFiber Pro OTDR features advanced logic that automatically interprets the trace to provide a detailed and graphical map of events that includes the location of connectors, splices and anomalies.



This winter’s phenomenon popularly known as a “polar vortex” has kept many of us around the world under a blanket of snow and ice and well below freezing temps.





ワイヤーマップ・テストでの5 つのタイプの不合格



オーランドで開催された BICSI Winter Conference に最近出席し、業界誌を目にしたりウェビナーに参加された方であれば、PoE とケーブル・プラントへの影響について、たくさんの情報に触れたことと思います。リモート・デバイスに給電するケーブル束内の温度上昇や、それが挿入損失やケーブル劣化の原因となり、イーサネット伝送に影響を与えることなどなど、そろそろ聞き飽きたという方も多いかもしれません。


エキスパートのプロフィール:Vangie Michenzi、Advanced Communications Technology Services、光ファイバー・プロジェクトのシニア・マネージャー

Part 1 of a three-part series

Even though their work is essential to today’s world, you don’t hear much about the professionals who build and maintain the world’s communications networks.  While their exploits may not have the wide interest of reality TV stars or politicians, I bet that you, like me, find them a lot more interesting.   Tune into the Cabling Chronicles and follow along with us as we share #CablingStories from around the world.



When it comes to testing a cabling installation, there are essentially three choices--verification, qualification and certification.

While some features overlap between test tools as you move up the hierarchical ladder from verification to certification, each type of testing answers one of the following questions to help you make the right choice.

Is the Cabling Connected Correctly?


BICSI Winter Conference で専門家から学びましょう!

BICSI Winter Conference で専門家から学びましょう!

Planning to attend the upcoming BICSI Winter Conference & Exhibition on January 20 - 24 at the Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center in Orlando, FL?

Fluke Networks’ experts will be offering plenty of educational opportunities to learn all about PoE, fiber best practices and how to make sure your next singlemode fiber project is on the right path. 


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