MicroScanner PoE Version, Serial Number, and MAC Address

This article describes how to locate the internal software version, serial number, factory test date,

and MAC address (MicroScanner PoE only).


Turn the tester on while holding down the HOME and TONE keys.

Press the up arrow and down arrow or Search to scroll through the screens:

SoF: ソフトウェアのバージョン

           This is the current software installed on the MicroScanner.

Sn: シリアル番号

            This is the programmed serial number for this MicroScanner.

FAC: Factory test date

            This is the date the unit was tested in Manufacturing.

MicroScanner PoE: MAC 1, MAC 2: The first and second half of the tester’s MAC address.

To exit this mode, turn the tester off.