Document Cabling Certification with LinkWare PC and LinkWareLive

2016 年 2 月 16 日/一般



With today's documentation software, there is no excuse for ever skipping this critical last step.

Save it All

Results need to be saved after each measurement. Thankfully the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer™ features and Auto Save function that automatically saves results with the next available ID when a test is completed. If you don't have Auto Save enabled, the tester will even alert you that a result has not been saved. Once you're done testing, or at any desired moment during the process, it's important to upload the results from your tester to a computer or via a service like LinkWare Live that saves and manages test results from multiple certification jobs.

Report on It

While just having saved results on your computer is better than nothing, a key part of the documentation procedure is the reporting.

Cable test management software like LinkWare PC doesn't only help you organize and archive your test results, it also allows you to create professional, graphical PDF reports depicting all of the measured test parameters. You choose which parameters to include in the report, and you can even add your company logo. When you're done, you can print or email the report.


Versiv キット・コンフィギュレータ

Versiv をどのように使用しますか?

Give it a Label

ラベルがなければ、証拠書類は後であまり役に立ちません。ANSI-TIA/EIA 606A は、証拠種類の作成に必要なラベル規格です。作業場のすべてのコンセントには、フロア、通信室、パッチ・パネル、電源ポートのラベルを付ける必要があります。

後日、特定のリンクのトラブルシューティングを行って、最初のテスト結果と比較する必要がある場合は、証拠書類に対応する顧客ロケーションのリンクのラベルが必要になります。実際に 606A 規格では、ラベルのない証拠書類と証拠書類のないラベルは管理に値しないことが記述されています。

Bringing it Together

Labeling makes documentation more than just your burden of proof. Together they help you earn extra revenue by giving you the complete picture you need for later troubleshooting, identifying areas of the network that may need to be upgraded to support new applications, or performing moves, adds and changes.

Fluke Networks' LinkWare PC and LinkWare Live together with the DSX-5000 CableAnalyzer achieve compatibility with labeling software programs to make it easier to maintain a comprehensive cable management system and merge test results to match labeling schemes for fully compliant 606A documentation.

Stay tuned for even more labeling support in the near future.